YMMV / God of Gamblers

  • Complete Monster: Chau Siu-Chee from God of Gamblers Returns is an illegal gambler known as the "Devil Of Gamblers". When Mr. Chu decides to put the worlds greatest gambler in charge of managing his "Save The World's Kids" fund, Chau decides to defeat Ko Chun in a gambling competition to prove himself the best and obtain the money. When he and the lawyers show up to tell Ko Chun's pregnant wife of the money and Chau's intents to gamble against Ko Chun, both the wife and lawyers call him out on his rudeness. Chau responds by killing the lawyers before cutting out the wife's stomach and killing her and her unborn baby. Chau later sends his men to kill Ko Chun's new friend when he fails to pay his gambling debts. Chau forces one of his men to gamble with him, and amputates his hands when he loses. When the minion turns on him and tries to warn Ko Chun and his allies, Chau kills the minion and sends his men to kill Ko Chun and his allies, including a young boy.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: BEHOLD!
  • Magnificent Bastard: Ko Chun. In every film where he's the main protagonist, he's always in full control of the final game which leads to the defeat of the main antagonist of the film. He tends to let his opponents feel like their cheating attempts during the game are successful, only to give them a rude shock at the very end of each game when he revealed he knew they were cheating all along and had taken precautions. WITHOUT FAIL.