YMMV / Gentle Giant

  • Awesome Music: Their first eight albums qualify from start to finish. Some people also throw in The Missing Piece, Giant for a Day!, and Civilian. As for live material, Playing the Fool is among the greatest prog live albums ever made.
  • Ear Worm: For a complex song, "Talybont" can be seen as this.
    • Hell, even "Knots", "Wreck" or "Proclamation" are very catchy, really. Accomplished via slightly unusual tunes. It could be argued that Gentle Giant's one of the more catchy prog bands.
  • Epic Riff: This certainly qualifies.
  • Italians Love Gentle Giant: They were most popular in Italy. This was the case with many prog bands; somehow Italy really took into the genre.
  • Nightmare Fuel: The vocal bridge of "Pantagruel's Nativity".
  • Tear Jerker: "The Moon Is Down", "Think of Me with Kindness", "His Last Voyage"