YMMV / Front 242

  • Ear Worm: Several, but the most notable is, of course, "Headhunter"- Just try getting that chorus (or that synthesized bassline, for that matter) out of your head!
    • Another good one is "Welcome To Paradise". "Hey poor / You don't have to be poor anymore / Jesus is here!"
  • Epic Riff: The aforementioned synth bassline. Also, the lead synths from "Until Death (Us Do Part)" and "Circling Overland", the synth horns and main hook of "Quite Unusual", the basslines of "No Shuffle" and "Rhythm Of Time"... The list goes on.
  • Music to Invade Poland To: Due to their rigid, somewhat militaristic sound and the fact that a handful of their songs are in German, they've been accused of being Fascists. Totally unfounded- their political beliefs lean towards the other end of the spectrum, in fact...
  • Signature Song: "Headhunter".