YMMV / Exile

  • That One Disadvantage: Pacifist in Exile II. Such a character cannot attack the enemy in any way whatsoever, and can't even cast most spells that would indirectly lead to an enemy being harmed. Even worse when you realize that, since most experience is gained by killing stuff, your character will lag behind despite the massive experience bonus he gets by taking this disadvantage. Still, some players use it as a challenge.
    • Also, Sluggish. It wasn't worth much in XP savings, and a game like this requires perfect rationing of action points to succeed. A character with less-than-stellar action points will easily be left behind when everyone else advances on the enemy, and also left to be ganged up on and eaten alive when everyone else is fleeing. Furthermore, the Haste spells (critical in the late game) only multiply action points; someone who can barely move before Haste can still only move a little better after it.