YMMV / Equestrian Legends

  • Funny Moments:
    • Apparently, German is a proper substitute for lolspeak.
    • The number is always 4. ALWAYS!
      • Except when it is 4042
      • 27 is also the number. 27 = 2*7 = 14 = one 4
    • There was a non-canon incident in the cbox that involved Chronius milking Lovecraft. It was a major source of giggles (and horror) around the time of Thanksgiving, and it only got crazier when Johnagold accidentally drank some of the milk. It can safely be said that Jewels and Chiyo were not happy when Johnagold began to realize that he had a lactation fetish.
  • Growing the Beard: Happens to Johnagold, literally. Compare this picture, drawn early in the site's run, to his current appearance.
  • Strawmare Has a Point: Yes, she's a Fantastic Racist and makes her hatred of all changelings very clear, but a lot of what Celestia says regarding them is in fact true.