YMMV / Easy Money

  • Awesome Music: Billy Joel's theme song, which was later the opening track to his album, "An Innocent Man."
  • Strawman Has a Point: Monty's mean mother-in-law uses a substantial inheritance to basically blackmail Dangerfield into giving up the things he enjoys most — smoking, drinking excessively, gambling (it is shown early on that he can't control his urge to go too far and blow his winnings) and doing drugs (which he hides in the bathroom he shares with his twelve year old daughter), and losing excess weight.... and probably adds healthy years to his life by doing it.... she is made out to be all bad by the way she mistreats the staff at the department store she owns — but when Dangerfield shows up there with his friend, they both are mocking and abusive to all the staff they deal with.
    • Also, Monty can't stand Julio, has a hard time even looking at him or shaking his hand, for no apparent reason other than Julio being from a different social class — but isn't this exactly the reason we're supposed to be rooting for Monty over his mother-in-law?
  • Tear Jerker / He Really Can Act: "There was a plane crash." Beat "Your mother earned her wings."