YMMV / Earthdawn

  • Nightmare Fuel and Eldritch Abomination together again! Horrors are a GM's wet dream, really: I can torment your character for no reason, for as long as I want, and the only way to make it stop is to kill an insanely powerful creature from another dimension. Each Horror is different, each with a nastier assortment of powers than the last.
    • One of the fiction books, Lost Kaer, would make a great horror movie: a Horror has inflitrated the kaer of the title and is enslaving the minds of the inhabitants one by one.
    • The fate of Wyrmwood/Bloodwood and its inhabitants probably also qualifies as Nightmare Fuel. To elaborate: the Elven Queen refused to accept Thera's bargain or magic, choosing instead to build a kaer out of the forest itself. (First result: every other elven nation in the world cut ties with Wyrmwood and made their own deals with Thera.) Once the Scourge started, the kaer began to break down under Horror assault. Just before it was about to collapse, the elves learned that Horrors can't get any use out of those who are mad or in great pain... so they performed a ritual that made thorns burst out of their bodies. Most died. The survivors were both mad and in great pain, driving the Horrors off at a hideous cost.
  • Older Than They Think: A powerful nation forced to shelter themselves from an apocalypse in great underground shelters. Many of which failed miserably, leaving only tombs filled with dangerous monsters and lost treasures. When they re-emerge, the survivors are each their own nation, battling for supremacy. Most would say that's Fallout... except it's a fantasy setting. Funny thing? Earthdawn was first produced in 1993 - and when Brian Fargo wanted Interplay to work on a licensed game, and had three tabletop properties in mind. One was Vampire: The Masquerade. Another was GURPS, designed by Games Workshop’s Steve Jackson. The third? Earthdawn. He got the idea for the iconic post-apocalyptic franchise from the fantasy apocalypse game.