YMMV / Drakan

  • Anticlimax Boss: In the second game, we have the second battle with Zola Dane. It's relatively late in the game, and you'd probably expect a pretty hard boss by now, but no. He actually turns out to be pretty weak compared to most of the other bosses in the game.
  • Crowning Moment of Funny: The second game has one or two giggle-worthy moments.
    Rynn (in response to meeting yet another of Arohk's old rivals): "Didn't you have any friends?"
    • And if you call for Arohk while he's sitting on the ground nearby, he'll point out that he's "right here" in a confused or annoyed tone.
      • He also has this bad habit of somehow warping to the end tunnel of dungeons, when you expect him to be far away. So you call for him, and he gets all bitchy because he's close to you but out of view of the camera angle.
  • Crowning Music of Awesome: The first game had a great soundtrack selection.
  • Nightmare Fuel
    • The Flesh Mage from the second game. Oh good god, the Flesh Mage. A powerful sorcerer who is completely insane, (thanks to a spell put on him by the game's Big Bad) even the game's would be world conquering bad guys fear him and have locked him within his own palace, and keep him placated by sending over slave girls to be his "brides". Because there is an enchantment around his palace, anyone who enters without drinking a special potion first, including these brides, have their mind and will totally destroyed so they won't resist while he skins them alive and then adds their skin to his cloaked collected from dozens (or more) past brides. Furthermore, until you find his Soul Jar, he is completely invincible, and you can't harm him as he constantly floats after you while his golems and undead attack you. Oh, and he looks like this. After you've spent an hour or two being stalked by him while you desperately search his palace looking for his Soul Jar, he will haunt your nightmares.
    • This one can be both Nightmare Fuel and Nightmare Retardant: The giant chicken monster in the second game. It's an eight-foot-tall chicken with glowing red eyes that lives in a small cave by the river that runs past Surdana. You can easily be startled by it if you're in the habit of exploring every little cave you come across, as no one in-game mentions it, and it actually looks pretty creepy... but on the other hand it's a giant chicken. Its lair is strewn with blood and corpses, and it's very aggressive, but killing it isn't too difficult and rewards you with a golden egg worth a decent amount.