YMMV / Dokuhime

  • Complete Monster:
    • Queen Datura Metel Mitragyna is the selfish, hedonistic ruler of Mitragyna. To mock the lowborn king of Glandol, Icarus, at a feast, the Queen poisoned common folk dressed as nobles at his table. Icarus allows the neighboring nations free access to Glandol's vast water supply, on the condition they cease hostile action, including banning Mitragyna from exporting poison, enraging the Queen. Using assassins known as "poison princesses" to create political instability, the Queen tries to have the Glandol king assassinated and when this fails, poisons the water of another country, framing Glandol to start a war.
    • Mandrake raises the poison princesses by having them ingest food and drink laced with poison, even violating them with a poison-coated stick, until all of their bodily fluids will kill any they touch. Using the girls as assassins, Mandrake cares nothing for them and has those who fail their missions or run away hunted down and burned at the stake. When the aforementioned Queen orders a nation's water supply poisoned, Mandrake has a young poison princess decapitated and her body thrown into the stream to infect it with her blood.
  • Genius Bonus: All the poison princesses have names from poison planta, like Belladonna and Lycoris.
  • Moe: Kait.
  • The Woobie: Every character in the manga is one, but specially Lycoris and Kait.