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YMMV: Discorded Whooves
  • Ass Pull: Every time Jitters has Whooves become discorded again each time he's going to snap back to normal. And it's not just whenever he's around Derpy. It's every time he becomes hopeful.
  • Author Tract: Some believe Jitters only decided to include the tumblr of Miss Twilight Sparkle with Dissy because he is a fan of Twilight Sparkle X Doctor Whooves. This is eminent due to heavy references to Dissy's relationship with Twilight, the fact Twilight doesn't know about Derpy, and as well as an incident where someone confessed in an MLP confessions blog that they found Miss Twilight Sparkle useless to the tumblr and stated their own idea about how it could have been introduced as. Jitters instead told off the guy and ended with a 'DEFENDING MAI WAIFU'. It also doesn't help he posted a story on his (now dead) FimFictionDotNet account about Dissy and Miss Twilight Sparkle's sex life.
    Which is ironic considering Jitters favors Whooves and Mayor Mare.
  • Base Breaker: Miss Twilight Sparkle. By so many degrees. It doesn't help some fans enjoy her character, while others find her completely unnecessary to the story itself, especially now since she's a recurring character in Motherly Scootaloo. Also the fact that she's basically began with Discorded Whooves only because Jitters is good friends with the tumblr creator, Princess Marshmallow.
    • Discorded Whooves himself, although he's saved.At times.
      • The slow pacing of the tumblr itself. While some reasons are understandable (Such as when Jitter's tablet and his computer broke), at times the tumblr is interrupted by Jitter's constant crossovers with other tumblrs. Prime Example are with the Motherly Scootaloo crossover, that interrupts both tumblr storylines each time.
      • Heavy critiques is how the tumblr is completely out of focus at times due to having multiple stories run at the same time (and includes all the crossovers).
  • Broken Base: Everything of the tumblr is this. Most fans love Discorded Whooves, while others don't see nothing really happening.
    • Special points to Miss Twilight Sparkle, either because of Die for Our Ship or the fact some find the tumblr completely out of focus of the entire plot (Also becoming a part of the {{Web Comic:Motherly Scootaloo}} tumblr) doesn't help either. Some find Miss Twilight Sparkle completely unnecessary due to how out of sync it is and it doesn't help that Jitters is friends with the creator (as well with Laura the Zony. but she's pretty saved compared to Miss Twilight Sparkle). Some like the tumblr though, but as a stand alone tumblr (which is what it was when it started off...).
      • Jitters himself is this. Some love his work, while others don't know for sure if he's simply enjoys being what Steven Moffat is to Whoovians. Other aspects to Jitters is how he will take criticism, as if someone comments on how they don't like Discorded Whooves, he immediately defends it by stating their points wrong. And then it comes to Miss Twilight Sparkle...
  • Continuity Lock-Out: With so many blogs, some being unknown to casual viewers because they get little mention, it going to happen, which leads to a lot of confusion....
  • Contested Sequel: Despite not being releated , some see out of any tumblrs, Lil Miss Rarity as a better story due to how it focuses solely on the story and reasonable hiatuses, in comparison to Discorded Whooves.
    • Oddly enough, Bedeviled Derpy is also a better improvement despite only having a few segments done.
    • Ask [Cr]Applejack reaches this level, although this could be considered connected to Discorded Whooves due to the art being done by Jitters.
  • Demoted to Extra: Derpy. While she isn't a huge character, she still plays a part in the tumblr. She hasn't appeared since Dissy's encounter with Dinky. Suffice to say, some fans are pissed.
  • Die for Our Ship: Any time Dissy is seen with Twilight, fans go on a rampage of asks, telling him he should be with Derpy. This almost always leads to the Doctor reverting to his Discorded self.
  • Fan Preferred Pairing: This ranges to Derpy Hooves X Dissy, but this will depend on whether Dissy isn't too corrupted or another aspect. This has been increased since the creation of Ask Bedeviled Derpy, which is a what-if scenario with Derpy being discorded instead of Whooves.
    • Derpy X Dissy is usually more subtle with the fans due to Jitter's interests with Dissy X Miss Twilight Sparkle, which fans see more as an Author Tract.
  • Foe Yay: As always, The Doctor and The Master.
  • Harsherin Hindsight: Almost everything about The Lovestruck Derpy blog.
  • Hype Backlash: At least for some people, who have heard of Discorded Whooves expect a brilliant, dark story, only to find something they don't expect. It doesn't help it's been going on and on with little to no progress.
  • Idiot Plot: An elaborate one at that. Considering how most aspects of the plot could be resolved quickly, Jitters instead pads it out or makes no connection to it in the story. Hence why some get tired of Whooves's constant spouts of discordedness each time he becomes hopeful (or when he sees Derpy).
  • In Name Only: This is how the entire tumblr works. While it can be understandable due to Jitter's interpretation of how the tumblr runs, if one really focuses on the story, you really see that if most, if not all characters are In Name Only, being whatever Jitter wants to portrait them as. The only ones not like this are Derpy and her two kids.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Dissy is a jerk yes, but he is the result of a lot of self hate and a pretty bad Mind Rape.
  • Just Here for Godzilla: Who here just goes to the tumblr just to see Derpy becoming depressed over Dissy's change/Dissy being a Jerk Ass/Dissy having sex with mares and/or having sex with Miss Twilight Sparkle? The huge later may be Averted due to Jitters becoming more tamed with the tumblr.
  • Long Runners: Sort of. Discorded Whooves has been going on for a long while, and some fans feel that the tumblr should have just wrapped up the main story line and jumped to another one. But as stated, the tumblr continues running the Status Quo Is God and the story has been stuck with the same "Whooves is battling his dark side" for four years now. Granted there's differences to the plot, but the point still stands.
  • Padding: One of the many complaints fans have of Discorded Whooves is how much the story takes too long to get from point A to point B. While some tumblrs (like Lil Miss Rarity or Student of the Night) take around three-four updates to flesh out a part of the story, Discorded Whooves takes ten to fifteen updates to get to point B. And those are rare.
  • The Scrappy: Some fans see not the character, but the tumblr itself as this. Most reasons is the Hype Backlash it gets and the fact how it always seems to sneak it's way into other tumblrs that don't even need to have it collaborate with. Prime example is the Motherly Scootaloo tumblr.
    • Miss Twilight Sparkle is this for some fans. Reasons range for her not being Derpy to finding the tumblr completely pointless. Plus add to the fact that she basically is only involved with the tumblr because Jitters is friends with the creator of the tumblr, Princess Marshmallow.
  • Signature Scene: The scene were the Doctor beats Derpy near death, is one of the reasons why the blog is so infamous.
  • Status Quo Is God: It seems no matter how many times it seems that Whooves is going to get better at least once, he reverts to being 'Discorded', and the tumblr goes back to being a story about a Jerk Ass who treated his old companion like garbage and essentially is with a Jumping the Shark character. Seriously, if one just starts in the middle of Discorded Whooves, you're not missing much.
  • Tear Jerker: Any scene with Derpy. Each time Dissy is back to normal, you seriously, seriously want him and her to reconcile and finally have some change in the story. But as always, Status Quo comes in. Other tumblr readers can get tears whenever Miss Twilight Sparkle and Dissy are flirting or being in love with each other as it takes away what was they wanted to happen to Derpy. Faust dammit Jitters...
  • The Woobie: Derpy, just Derpy.

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