YMMV: Dark Times

  • Complete Monster: Dezono Qua is probably one of the worst non-Sith characters to appear in the EU. He even has a Meaningful Name tipping off readers knowledgeable in Native-American myths about his nature. Qua is a minor human noble who dabbles in slavery, and is the purchaser of one hero's young daughter. When he's confronted, Qua reveals the reason he deals exclusively in child slaves: he eats them. When asked why he has children purchased solely to kill and cook them, Qua's response? Because I could. Even Jedi Master Dass Jennir was so appalled at his horrific crimes and callous attitude that he decided to just shoot him dead.
  • Crowning Moment Of Awesome: Dass Jennir realizes that the enemy have fully taken over the town. He proceeds to release the woman who tried to have him killed, defeat the master swordsman who tried to kill him, and single handedly liberate the town.