YMMV / Cutie Honey: THE LIVE
aka: Cutey Honey The Live

  • Complete Monster: Chief Shirakawa, from "Second Girl!", is the seemingly-kind, recently hired director of the Kanto Girls Rehabilitation Center, but is soon revealed to be a sociopathic bioweapon from Panther Claw. Setting up a series of rules for the girls to follow, he punishes those who break them by kidnapping them and having his Co-Dragons, Tomohiro and Zuimaru electrocute them to death, making the corpses look like dead runaways, something he has done to Hitomi. When warden Kitou tries to escape with Mami, Shirakawa catches them and electrocutes Mami to death while keeping Kitou barely alive. After capturing Miki, he proceeds to electrocute Kitou to death at her request before attempting to do the same to Miki. When Sayo searches for Miki, Shirakawa grabs her and orders Zuimaru to electrocute her. When Miki transforms into Sister Miki and kills Zuimaru, Shirakawa runs away, later attempting to murder Miki when she's busy killing Tomohiro.
  • Special Effects Failure: Yuki tearing Duke apart in episode 16 doesn't look very convincing.
  • The Woobie: Yuki would be The Woobie for everything that she goes through... if she hadn't reacted to it by becoming utterly Ax-Crazy.
    • Spare some sympathy for Duke Watari too. Getting his foot blades (painfully) ripped out after every battle with Yuki, being turned into a mindless cyborg by your rival... the guy doesn't get a break.

Alternative Title(s): Cutey Honey The Live