YMMV / Creation, Man and the Messiah

  • Critical Backlash: The work is vastly underrated, and suffered from critical dumping from the very start. Even after the Second World War, critics had a tendency to underrate it, preferring the shorter poems of Wergeland. The fact that Wergeland himself worked after a viewers are geniuses statement didn't help. It has a fanbase anyway, and the next generation of Norwegian poets (like Henrik Ibsen) reportedly read it.

  • Cult Classic: The poem has, as mentioned above, a small fanbase. Norwegian poet and activist Ingeborg Refling Hagen went a long way to make people read and understand it, and gained some points in teaching it to the nurses who helped her recover at the end of World War II. Thus, she created a solid, but lojal fanbase, who passed this knowledge on, and thus, the book is more read nowadays than before. On the international side, she inspired a friend to translate it into Czech, a fact that may or may not have inspired the Charta 77 movement and the velvet revolution.