YMMV / commodoreHUSTLE

  • Hilarious in Hindsight: In "It's Magic", Kathleen said that instead of children, she'll just get more cats. Fast forward to late 2015, and her daughter Penelope is born.
  • Ho Yay:
    • Apparently Morgan is the king of "misplaced gaiety". Bill plays him at his own game in the appropriately named "The Gay Chicken".
    • James has several moments, as well. His girlfriend Ashley reveals in "Investigation" that James frequently dreams about kissing Matt, or waking up next to Matt in bed. In "Sickness", James casually comments that he always licks Matt's doorhandles when he's sick, and tells Jer that if they're both sick, they should stop making out.
      Jer: That was you in my room last night?
      James: You know it was, who else's tongue would it have been?
    • On the season one DVD, the blooper reel shows an outtake of James trying to kiss Alex, but failing as Alex is holding a large box between them, as well as a short video of James and Morgan teaming up to pin Matt down so Morgan can kiss him.