YMMV / Checkmate

  • Crowning Moment of Funny: Harry Stein's vacation in the first Checkmate run. He left it very clear to Harvey Bullock that he was not to be contacted unless it was an emergency since he was trying to reconnect with his kids, and yet it takes Bullock remarkably little time to start pestering Harry (mind, it was quite the emergency, involving a hijacked space shuttle). Meanwhile, Harry himself finds a dangerous terrorist haunting his vacation spot, and goes through merry hell to detain him without arousing his children's suspicions while ignoring Harvey's calls. At the end, all said and done, Stein relaxes on the beach with his sons. And then the stolen shuttle manages an emergency landing on said beach.
    Harry Stein: I don't know how that fat slob managed it, but I almost guarantee he did it on purpose.
  • Seasonal Rot: Bruce Jones' run, which followed Greg Rucka's run, was universally reviled.