YMMV / Charles Stross

  • Harsher in Hindsight: This 2014 blog post concerning Scottish politics and the independence referendum contains the following passage:
    Stross: So the worst case outcome, circa 2017, is that Scotland remains manacled to an England that has voted in a government of the Home Counties, who despise the Scots, and who have successfully campaigned for a referendum in which the English protest vote determines that Scotland will be dragged out of the EU in a vain attempt to wind the clock back to an imaginary vision of a 1950s conservative utopia that never was.
    • Cue the "Brexit" referendum in 2016, where the UK voted to leave the EU and after which the Scottish government (of which the entirety of their districts voted to remain) has pledged to remain in the EU no matter what and is apparently gearing up for another independence referendum to do so.
  • Old Shame: Has written a small amount of early Warhammer 40,000 tie-in fiction, but probably due to his standalone success and disdain for fascism, royalism, and militarism in general, won't write any more, despite his great skill at telling Cosmic Horror Stories.