YMMV / Castlevania RPG

  • Archive Panic: The comic has been running since 2005. The main storyline stands at over 1700 strips, and with the backstory arcs (two for Darkmoon, one each for Katrina, Alec, and Angel), side stories, filler strips, and the related Darkmoon's Silly Webcomic and its spinoffs, there are over 3300 comics in total.
  • Designated Hero: Darkmoon.
  • Fridge Horror: In the Bad Future, Dracula and the Sorceress have turned Alex Belmont's sister into a vampire. For all we know, they did the exact same thing to this timeline's versions of Katrina, Princess, and Angel!
  • Les Yay: Princess and Katrina (to Katrina's disgust).