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YMMV: Capoeira Fighter
  • Game Breaker: Infinites and near-infinites are very easy if you choose an already fast character and get the speed perk, and is relatively simple even if you don't. Since specials and supers reset each other's use, a combo can go on pretty much forever.
  • Unfortunate Implications: An unintentional example, and in fact your opinion might vary on this one. Chompoo's storyline has Chompoo training like crazy to fulfill the expectations of her father, but both of her possible endings end up with Chompoo relaxing and learning to pursue her own path. The unfortunate implications are avoided if Chompoo switches partners to Gator at the "Twist", since Chompoo pursues her own path by becoming Gator's equal partner in his wrestling career, but if Chompoo keeps Panda as her partner, Chompoo pursues her own going shopping, the path of millions of teenage girls everywhere and not really a career in its own right.
    • Of course, even that is just the lesser of two evils when it comes to unfortunate implications. Chompoo actually pursues a career if she finishes with Gator, unlike with Panda, but when they first meet Gator makes some rather sexist remarks about the "missy" known as Chompoo.

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