YMMV / Broken Trail

  • Complete Monster: Ed "Big Ears" Bywaters is a soft-spoken ex-convict notorious as a horse-thief and murderous Bounty Hunter. Ed introduces himself in this Made-for-TV Movie forcing himself onto Nola Johns, a favored prostitute of Ed's whom he has periodically used and abused to brutal extents over a course of years, and proves his violent streak when he coldly murders a former accomplice of his he suspected of ratting him out. When local brothel-keeper Kate Becker employs Ed to look into a Chinese virgin trade gone awry, Ed takes his time stalking Prent Ritter and his company after they acquire the Chinese girls. At the end of the film, Ed guns down Heck, takes Prent's companions at gunpoint, and prepares to castrate and torture Prent to death in full witness of the captives, gloating that "he'll know what to do" with Nola and the young Chinese girls once he's through with Prent.