YMMV / Bringing Out the Blue

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  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Iroh gets a bit of this. Namely the fact that he cannot bring himself to ally with the Gaang even when they come groveling to him for whatever reason. Also the fact that he is currently failing in convincing Zuko that Ozai and Azula love to hate him. And he's also gotten more sarcastic as of late.
    • Zuko. Confused hero trying to end a war peacefully? Or delusional idiot who cannot see the crimes against humanity that his nation has committed? Chances are that if you picked the former, you will take a liking to the story. If you pick the latter, we'll save you 26 chapters worth of reading and tell you that you'll most likely end up hating Zuko and the story.
  • Darker and Edgier: The author has Shown Their Work as far as subtler effects of psychological/physical abuse goes, likewise with a more realistic approach to difficulties surrounding ending the war.
  • Darkness-Induced Audience Apathy: Zuko's continual belief that Ozai and Azula still love him, and his continuing justification of the Air Nomad Genocide - while all the while blasting Aang for wrecking the invading Fire Navy at the Siege of the North - may get grating after 26 chapters, and one may start losing empathy with Zuko as well because of it.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Zuko's whole attitude toward Aang understandably changes after the Siege of the North and the massive slaughter that someone he trusted and let walk free has inflicted on his countrymen. They've patched it up a bit, but Aang and Blue are still very definitely not friends anymore. To be fair to Aang, it was Raava who did it, and to be fair to Zuko, he doesn't know that.
    • Although it must be pointed out that while Zuko has made a huge issue of Aang's slaughter of the Fire Navy at the North, he ignores that Aang did it in defense of the Northern Water Tribe. What's worse is that Zuko still believes and continues to try and justify the GENOCIDE of the Air Nomads!