YMMV / Blue Seed

  • Angst? What Angst?
    • Sakura angsts plenty when having to Mercy Kill her mom, but perks right back up the next morning. Sure, her mom is now at peace and killing the Aragami that put her in that position would give her some peace, but she's way too giddy in such a short span of time.
    • Subverted by Kunikida after he's forced to kill his best friend turned monster in self-defense. He seems all right at first by the next episode, but it's slowly revealed it hurt a lot more than he was letting on, on top of all the other problems and doubts he kept hidden. He would have snapped by the end of the episode if it weren't Ryouko's help.
  • Complete Monster: Murakumo in the anime is a ruthless member of the Aragami monsters who seeks power at any cost. Introduced killing any stray Aragami to "purify the herd", Murakumo leads a number of attacks to kill humans and awaken the Aragami ruler Susano-oh. Draining the life energy from an entire town for Susano-oh, Murakumo, later flying into a rage when he learns Susano-oh wishes to turn the earth into a garden paradise, betrays Susano-oh and threatens to kill the heroine Momiji Fujimiya in front of his former partner and Susano-oh's closest subordinate, Momiji's twin sister Kaede. When this fails, Murakumo later returns to drain Susano-oh's power, assuming his true form as the Yamata no Orochi to kill every human in the city and exterminate the entire human race save for a few he will rule over, with only the Aragami he deems strong enough serving him.
  • Ear Worm: Say it with me now "Pick Me Up Foxy Night Game!"
  • Special Effect Failure: Combined with Conspicuous CG, the plants in the opening are horrendously rendered and look incredibly out of place.