YMMV / Bedlam

1946 Film

  • Complete Monster: George Sims, the master of Bedlam House, is a ruthless, greedy man who runs the asylum with an iron fist. Manipulating the political system to have any rivals thrown into the madhouse, Sims rigs the window outside their cells so that when they try to escape, they inevitably fall to their deaths. Starving, beating and torturing inmates, Sims has a young woman thrown into Bedlam when she attempts to have the inmates treated better. Sims frequently attempts to break her faith in humanity and tries to have her thrown in a cell with a murderous inmate. When he learns she is going to testify before a parole board, Sims attempts to force her to take a "solution" that will leave her dead or insane.

TV Series

  • Nightmare Fuel: What happened to Jed's mother and the murderer's sister in episode 6.