YMMV / Bacchae

  • Fridge Horror: Something of an in-story example, when Agave realises that what she holds is not the head of a lion but rather that of her son, Pentheus.
  • Foe Yay: Pentheus seems a bit too obsessed with Dionysus at times. Other times he outright hits on him.
    • Someone in charge of a 2013 Greek production of the play seems to agree, because the subtext was heavy enough that Dionysus and Pentheus had an Almost Kiss that wasn't even the most blatant part. That honor surely goes to the scene where Dionysus, preparing Pentheus to go among the maenads, slowly dresses him in a wedding gown, complete with a stefana (entwined garlands worn by a newlywed bride and groom) - joined to the one that Dionysus is wearing.
  • What An Idiot: Pentheus decides to deny the existence of a god, then accompany a suspicious man into the mountains to watch a group of Ax-Crazy women perform secret rites.