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YMMV: Avatar: The Last Airbender "The Drill"
  • Broken Base: Fans generally don't see eye to eye with this episode - though this is less because it's bad as it's considered dull.
    • The audience of the Ember Island Players found it just as dull.
  • Fridge Horror: Ty Lee gets a big moment disabling several soldiers attacking the drill. Kind of makes you wonder what was happening on the other side, where the soldiers had to deal with Knife Nut Mai...
  • What an Idiot:
    Zuko: (to Iroh) "What are you doing, firebending your tea!? For a wise old man, that was a pretty stupid move!"
    • Unfortunately, the damage has already been done; Jet notices Iroh's tea is suddenly steaming out of the blue and puts two and two together, realizing Iroh and Zuko are Firebenders in disguise, which sends him into a marked rage.
    • Though some people have argued that this was actually a pretty clever Batman Gambit on Iroh's part to remove Zuko from Jet's influence before he followed him down a dark path.

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