YMMV / Anima: Beyond Fantasy

  • Canon Sue: There's a stat in the game called Natura that measures how much your actions can affect the world on the grand scheme of things and turns you into a Weirdness Magnet. Empress Elisabetta Barbados has the highest Natura on centuries. She's so skilled that at the tender age of 13 she's able to fend off companies of soldiers on her own and she's expected to be the equal of her mentor in a few years. She's so nice and righteous that, while traveling incognito, she joined a rebellion against her own kingdom because she felt the rebels were right and she could fix the legal issues later, back in the palace. And she makes interesting friends on her little escapades from the palace, like the last princess of a supposedly extinct race, for example. Her main flaw? Being overly curious.
    • The above is pretty subjective, Elisabetta may be talented and charismatic, but there are still many (many) factions that outright despise her, and some believe she is nothing more then a puppet ruler. She is also in love with Nemesis, one of the most dangerous beings on the planet, who probably wouldn't hesitate to kill her if ordered to.
      • Supposedly, when she goes out there to adventure, even her mentor -Kisidan- does not know where she goes, only when she's in deep trouble -to go there to help her-. Given she's an absolute monarch with just a Senate to advise her and how huge is the Empire one wonders how's governing when she's out of palace.
      • Actually, if you play Anima: Tactics, you will notice soon how more than half the grown-adults characters are stronger than her and would likely Curb Stomp her in a 1vs1 battle. Curb Stomp Battle doesn't even begin to describe what would happen if, for example, she had to face Matthew Gaul, the leader of the main opposition to her empire.
      • Not quite; according to the Tactic's rulebook, the characters featured there have more or less the same level she has (except for faction leaders, it usually varies between 6 and 8) and the absolute leaders of the faction (Matthew Gaul, Lucanor Giovanni... even Kisidan himself) will not be released -at least for now- due to being overpowered. However, Elisabetta will be featured (as Anna Never, of course) in Anima Tactics.
    • Lucanor Giovanni on the other hand fits this trope perfectly; he may lack the Supernatural abilities of Elisabetta, but his intelligence and talent put him in a class of his own. He is Ozymandias, except backed by an Organization of genetically engineered warriors and magic powered combat suits (in a medieval fantasy setting) that he created. He also has a genetically engineered pet Panther to protect him personally. It is so powerful that it is capable of destroying dozens of Combat Golems within seconds. Oh, and he has practiced with a sword a couple of times in his life, and is one of the Best Swordsman on Gaia
      • Wordof God the members of the Giovanni dinasty were improving with time; he's better than his father, Lascar, who was better than his father and so on. Also, if you look at his level and stats on the sourcebook, it's even dubious he's human.
  • The Problem with Licensed Games: Most critics agree that ANIMA: Ark of Sinners is beautiful to look at, but utterly fails as a 2-D platformer thanks to its floaty, unresponsive controls and combat that ranges from boring to controller-throwingly frustrating and unfair.