YMMV / American Splendor

  • Big-Lipped Alligator Moment: One story, ''TransAtlantic Comics," begins with Harvey getting into a minor car accident. To take his mind off it, he reads a fan letter from an Englishman with Asperger Syndrome who hopes to make his own comics about his experiences. After finishing the letter, Harvey is amazedů and the car accident plot starts again, with no mention of the letter again.
  • Jerkass Has a Point: Arguably, depending on your opinion of Nerds Are Sexy. Toby enjoyed Revenge of the Nerds thinking of it as empowering. Harvey wasn't sold on it. He felt that the suburban middle class college kids in the film did not represent folks like Toby, an low income adult file clerk.
    Harvey: "They're gonna get their degrees, get good jobs, and stop being nerds.Look, Toby, the guys in that movie are not 28 year-old file clerks who live with their grandmother in an ethnic ghetto. They didn't get their computers the way you did by trading in a bunch of box tops and $49.50 at the supermarket.

  • Retroactive Recognition: Judah Friedlander would later hit it big with his role in 30 Rock.