YMMV / American Pickers

  • Kick the Dog: In one episode, Mike and Frank hire Danielle's mother to be their director of human resources. Danielle and her mother do not get along, something illustrated copiously throughout the episode, and the way her mother treats her has overtones of this trope. By the next episode, the status quo has been restored. It's unknown what went on behind the scenes, but Danielle's mother has never been seen on the show again.
  • Ms. Fanservice: Danielle could be seen this way but its averted, however, in that she's not setting out to provide fanservice; that's just the way she dresses.
  • Ron the Death Eater: Mike and Frank have been the target of much vitriol over the way they buy items for pennies and sell them for a profit, sometimes for way much more than what they bought it for. note  They have to make a profit, after all, and there have been times when they step up and give a seller more than what they asked for because they know it's worth more and it's the fair thing to do. Despite this, their detractors villainize them.