YMMV / Alteil

  • Alt-itis: People like to make new alts whenever the starter deck gets changed.
  • Berserk Button: Go ahead, mention that you are playing a Urgrant/Return/Mix of Both file. It won't end pretty.
  • Broken Base: "Free players v. Paying Players." "Pixies/Card X needs a nerf." "Alteil US changes vs. Alteil JP"
  • Evil Is Sexy: Several Lawtia Female Characters tend to dress with a bit less modesty than those outside the sphere, but boy do they look fine! A perfect example is Chaos Lady / Annarose.
  • Game-Breaker: The community has always complained about at least one card combo, with every expansion.
  • Gameplay Derailment: The game developers are constantly making changes with input from the community because of the metagame.