YMMV / Alcestis

  • Alternative Character Interpretation: Admetus. Selfish bastard who is willing to let someone dies and then upsets if it is his wife or a genuinely good but flawed and selfish man who loves his wife. The fact that he hides Alcestis's death from Heracles doesn't do him any favor either. An action to honor Sacred Hospitality or, as some modern audience might suggest, Manipulative Bastard who is doing a gambit of basically forcing Heracles going to the Underworld to rescue Alcestis for fear of the Gods.
  • Crowning Moment of Heartwarming
  • Values Resonance: Alcestis's devotion to willing to die for Admetus and his utter grief when seeing her doing so to the point that engages in typical Greek's "feminine" mourning actions might seem darkly ironic and even hilarious to Ancient Greek audience but is utterly devastating to modern audience because of the fact that there are couples with that kind of love and devotion in modern society.
    • Despite being a woman in Ancient Greek, Alcestis has complete agency and character arc in her action and doing so out of love, not a sense of duty or being forced, while basically doing all the ruling of a ruler who is about to pass away when her husband being too consume by guilt and grief.