YMMV / A Wild Hare

  • Award Snub: The short was nominated for the Academy Award, but it and the debut Tom and Jerry short "Puss Gets the Boot" lost out to a Harman and Ising MGM short "The Milky Way". Decades later, "Wild Hare" was snubbed again when it failed to get onto The 50 Greatest Cartoons list, instead winding up on the runner-up list.
  • "Seinfeld" Is Unfunny: When Bugs Bunny first said, "What's up, Doc?" here, it was a shock in ways modern audiences simply can't imagine or appreciate. In 1940, audiences saw the hunter (Elmer Fudd, of course), heard the hunter say he was hunting wabbits (er, rabbits), and then they saw the rabbit. 1940 audiences were expecting that rabbit to scream, run, pick a fight, play dead, anything except strike up a casual conversation with the guy trying to kill him. So, when Bugs did that, he brought the house down - a response that led to it becoming his Catch-Phrase. Nowadays, not only does nobody find, "What's up, Doc?" funny, most people don't even realize it was ever supposed to be funny in the first place. It's just that thing Bugs always says in every freakin cartoon he's in.
    • That catchphrase, a shoutout to no less than Clark Gable (maybe the greatest male Hollywood star at the time) in It Happened One Night, in which the iconic actor appears in a scene casually talking while eating a carrot, goes unnoticed for many contemporary viewers, but it must have started a big and loud laugh from the audience back then.