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YMMV: A Tangled Web
  • Ho Yay: Roommates Big Sam and Little Sam act an awful lot like an old married couple, and when they have a fight and a rumour spreads that Little Sam is dating the Widow Terlizzick, Big Sam gets very jealous, though he says that he won't miss Little Sam one bit, no siree.
    When [Big Sam] was observed standing on a rock, waving his short arms wildly in the air, it was a safe bet that he was [...] abusing the Widow Terlizzick. She was, he told the world, a hooded cobra, a big fat slob, a rapacious female animal and a tigress. He professed profound pity for Little Sam. The poor fellow little dreamed what he was in for.
  • Values Dissonance: The last sentence of the books leaves a sour taste in the mouths of modern readers.

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