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Website: clanBOB
BOB is only BOB.

clanBOB is a community, originally based out of the BB Ss of California, dedicated towards gaming. The board later developed into a community, where it remained, for a time, small. Then Dan decided he wanted to host a webcomic. It was a hit, and the site grew exponentially.

The site moved a few times, each iteration becoming larger than the last, until late 2006. Dan had lost interest in his comic, and eventually the dues slipped up on the site and it was purchased by some tractor company. Currently, clanBOB exists in the forums, the IRC (#kevex from the slashnet ports) and, to a lesser extent, in some online games.

Currently hosts a scant few webcomics on the new site, Planet-BOB. Notable for its odd forum practices. Was once one of the bigger webcomic communities out there.
Webcomics Hosted by clanBOB:

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