Webcomic / Smuf

If you stare at it long enough, maybe the answers will appear.

Smuf is a one-page comic appearing on The Duck. Described as "the alpha and the omega" of possibly abandoned comics, its single-page nature allows many interpretations of the image provided by its mysterious creator.

What is Smuf? Is the character depicted in the frame, standing there looking so happy, Smuf? Is that a rainbow behind the character, or is it some kind of candy bridge? No answers are forthcoming. Perhaps it is best left to your imagination.

This comic provides examples of:

  • Ambiguous Gender: Is the character male, female, neuter or a combination thereof? We just don't know!
  • Archive Binge: Averted. There is only one page!
  • Dada Comics: One interpretation is that Smuf is the ultimate Dada Comic, with its surreal nature encapsulated in one image of a deliriously happy thing, standing in a field and grinning inanely.
  • Orphaned Series: Whether intended as a one-time-only affair or a full series, it is clear from not having been updated since early 2008 that this one page is all you're getting.
  • Schedule Slip: Another interpretation is that the entire premise of the series couldn't possibly have been fit into one panel, so there must be more on the way. At some point.
  • Series Hiatus: As with Schedule Slip, above, it seems some people can't make do with this one panel and believe there has to be more to it. If only the author would tell us!
  • Stillborn Serial: The general consensus is that Smuf is one of these, although there are others who argue that it is, in fact, a deconstruction of this trope. We may never know the truth.