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Webcomic: Culture Shock
Culture Shock is a fantasy/comedy webcomic written and drawn by Reed Hawker.

It follows the event's of a knight from 700 years ago named Alec who was sent to the present to search for an evil witch. He is taken in by Lane, the runner of a hacking ring, and forced to live with a ninja named Tadashi who apparently only came to America to save random women from muggers. In exchange for the shelter, Alec and Tadashi are sent on frequent missions to fight... some kind of rival company or something. About midseries, the officer in charge of that area, Officer Foxx, moves into Lane's apartment building, deciding to oversee Lane's illegal actions for some reason or another. A few comics later Alec's elf "girlfriend" from the past, Brooke, moves in with Foxx.

As the title may suggest, the series focuses mostly on the Time Traveling Couple and resident ninja's adjustment to modern America.

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