Rubi is on LSD, or a similar drug.

She has relatively lucid moments, seeing the world around her as a badly aged film, and seeing monkey toys everywhere, however it also causes her seriously hallucinate, seeing drive in style clips, and at times even loose memory of events that happen during her mission, which her mind makes sense of by her perceiving it as a "jump cut" or "reel change". Of course since drugs of this nature are effected by emotions, she often sees the world in black white and red during moments of rage or high adrenaline. It also changes the way she perceives her enemies, seeing an ordinary female mercenary as a supernatural blind albino, and her sadistic torturers as a morbidly obese pervert and a demonic dwarf.
  • Adding to that, Rubi is Shaundi when she kicks the bohemian stoner phase.

Ze Kollector was killed by Pelham

He failed to kill Rubi, and Pelham wouldn't be happy. What do you think he would have done?

Tarantula will be the main villian if Wet does get a sequal

Rubi is a (possibly unknowing) Umbran Witch in training.
At some point during her travels, she was tasked with stealing a book. To get her mind off having to fly after stealing it, she read it. She's got time-slowing powers, dual-wields accurately enough to hit two people at once, and fights by running headlong at her enemies and defying gravity instead of taking cover.

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