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Kronos and Suras will team up to return everyone home
  • Kronos may be a bit power-mad and hateful towards the government, but he seems to genuinely want to help the people he's leading, even if his methods are questionable. Suras is mostly an idealist, and may be willing to give Kronos one last chance. And of course, the Ulympeans have no reason to stay if the Tytans aren't attacking anymore, since their primary goal is protecting the natives from the Tytans.
    • Kinda unlikely now, considering that Kronos took over the world and Suras is dead
      • Except the authors pulled an Ass Pull and now it was All Just a Dream.
      • However, Suras and the Ulympians still believe that Kronos can't be trusted, and they genuinely believe Cassandra's dream a rock-solid proof that Kronos isn't going to repent that easily.