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The Listener is set in the Heroes-verse
Toby's and Iris' powers have already been seen in Heroes, and Toby comes complete with a Mysterious Past. It's entirely possible that his mother was hiding him from The Company, and that his brother will show up as an Evil Counterpart.
  • As of "Vanished", we now have a woman who can talk to the dead. Who knows what else might be out there?

The Listener is set same universe as Orphan Black
  • Toby and his mom Maya were on the run from something called "the Institute." Could it by the Dyad Institute?
  • Sarah's daughter Kira seems to have rather impressive intuition she can tell the difference between clones, seemingly senses emotions, and seems to sense the Neolutionists pursuing her family... could she have gotten the psychic gene from Maya or Toby?
  • Tatiana Maslany plays a girl named Hannah in an episode of The Listener. Could she be another clone?
  • They both feature orphans who were deliberately hidden (ie. "in the black").
  • Most tellingly, they're both set in Toronto (deny it as they might).

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