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The Pack are sushi zombies.
It's mentioned in "When Will Ben Be Zen?" that the members of the Sushi Pack were created by a lightning storm. Formerly raw fish jolted to life by lightning...

The Prevaricator that the Sushi Pack took down in "Where No Truth Lies" was not the real Prevaricator.
As The Sushi Pack learns, The Prevaricator is a master liar. Big lies, white lies, sweet little lies, stone cold lies, etc., he's mastered them all. But when they actually encounter The Prevaricator, all he does is contradict their statements and say the exact opposite of what he means. This is because the man they encountered was actually a decoy. According to the episode, The Prevaricator has been after Mayor Martin's collection for years, yet hasn't been able to get it, despite being a master thief. So the real Prevaricator hired a random thug in order to get it, and gave him instructions on how to be "The Prevaricator," which the thug didn't quite get.
  • So, who's the real Prevaricator? The proprietess of the cafe that the Sushi Pack visited. After all, she seemed to know an awful lot about The Prevaricator, yet clammed up with the Pack asked her how she knew all that. But why would she tell them all about The Prevaricator if that's who she was? Because she's lying about The Prevaricator's true identity, a lie of omission. She refers to The Prevaricator as a "him," and says that how she knows about him is "a long story," when it would actually be a short story if he's actually her. On top of that, she tells the Pack that they'll find The Prevaricator at the top of the hill, but they actually run into him (the fake one) at the bottom of the hill (where he was no doubt meeting up with the real Prevaricator to give her to goods).