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The Tower in Revolution contains a portal leading to this show.
Only three out of 12 levels of the Tower have been shown. For all we know, there is a portal on one of the other levels that can take characters to other shows.
The series is set in the Star Trek universe.
Many point out that the show is essentially Trek under the sea. What if that's literally true? Sea Quest shows us a fractured world with a cold war going on in the 2030s, which could be a factor leading to the 2053 World War III in the Trek timeline. Plus Trek had the Eugenics Wars fought by genetically augmented super-soldier types in the late 1990s, perhaps the Sea Quest Daggers were one result of this. The existence of aliens would also tie in. It seems entirely plausible that the two could co-exist. President Milos Teslov is even an ancestor of Captain Kirk, using the Identical Grandson trope!

The series predicted the rise of modern video sharing via social media
In "Playtime" Piccolo was watching a video clip and announced "we've got to share this". He then flicked a small handheld device and it was sent around for other people to watch.