WMG / Final Fantasy Crystal Chronicles: My Life as a King

Leo is Half Lilty.
As far as I know his mother has never been shown. But we do hear descriptions of her. She's described as down to Earth, Stubborn and determined, and probably stronger then the King in a fight. Is there any better description of the perfect Lilty wife?

Epitav was trying to resurrect his wife.
A Yuke sage can stop at the inn, following rumors that Architek might be able to bring back his missing friend. All we know about Leo's mother is that she's not around anymore, with the implication that she died some time ago. What could reasonably make Epitav abandon his caravan and his kingdom? Maybe Epitav heard the same rumor that the Yuke did. Rumors of a promised land where the power of Architek can bring back people and places from the user's memory. When it turns out the magic doesn't extend to dead people, he tries to return to his old kingdom, finds that it's been destroyed by the miasma, and starts to build a new kingdom in Padarak.