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The guy wearing the Crimson Shroud is the final boss

He's got horns of evil, he's stretching out his arms in a Sorcerous Overlord manner, the game is named after him...

  • Confirmed. But its she and shes not wearing the Crimson Shroud, she IS the Crimson Shroud.

Giauque will get possessed by the Crimson Shroud

That would be delightfully twisted, and would help explain why the Crimson Shroud guy is wielding a sword instead of a more typical Sorcerous Overlord weapon.

  • Nope, Crimson Shroud's goal is to get new body that is of the Qish blood. In otherwords, Frea.

The Crimson Shroud is good

The (current) logo is intentionally misleading, trying to make us thing that the guy wearing the Crimson Shroud is evil, when it may in fact be good.

  • Jossed.

Brother Andrea is the bearer of the Crimson Shroud

He was doing some research, then discovered the Crimson Shroud, and the rest as they say is history. This may also cross over with Professor Guinea Pig.


Lippi's hit rate will actually be like 75% or 80%. Giauque will actually have to build up his proficiency in various weapons. Frea's Kush tribe does not actually have that many shamans.

The title logo is merely a statue

Giauque may have to grab the Crimson Shroud off of it, or prevent bad guys from obtaining it.

  • Not really, but the actual Crimson Shroud is more feminine.

The guy wearing the Crimson Shroud is the Disc-One Final Boss
Hes such an obvious Big Bad that he'll be hijacked by another villian. Since when is the final boss ever on the cover in these games?

  • Jossed, it shes the final boss.