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Video Game: Sea World Tycoon
Sea World Adventure Parks Tycoon, often called Sea World Tycoon for short, is a business Simulation Game for PC developed by Deep Red Games and published by Activision. It is a tycoon game where the player has to create a Sea World adventure park and be successful, think of it as a Zoo Tycoon IN SEAWORLD! There are two modes of the game, Scenario and Sandbox. In Scenario there is a goal in which you must achieve while in Sandbox you basically do whatever you want to do. The first game was released for PC in 2003. A sequel, Sea World Adventure Parks Tycoon 2 was released in 2005. Another game in the series was released Sea World Adventure Parks Tycoon 3D, which is basically the same game but 3D.

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alternative title(s): Sea World Tycoon
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