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Video Game: Hidden Agenda
Welcome to Green County.

A community where everybody appears to be hiding something...

As a free agent private eye, it's your job to figure out the cases that keep popping up in town ranging from the murder of a public servant to a mystery of unknown lights in the sky.

Did we forget to mention the population is made of Petting Zoo People?

Hidden Agenda is the first social hidden object game produced by PopCap Games, the creative minds behind Bejeweled and Plants vs. Zombies. The game utilizes traditional point and click gameplay and weaves a tale of mystery mixed with colorful imagery and an interesting cast of characters.

The game is currently in beta at Facebook. The game's homepage gives you the latest news on the game's progress and the developers include once in a while links that give rewards to players ranging from extra energy points to coins to townsfolk rewards.

The beta game itself can be found here.

Hidden Agenda provides examples of:

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