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I hate describing myself, you know?

Er... alright I'm 18 right now and a high school graduate. Thats right one word changed and one digit. I watch anime, read manga, play games, and read books at random. Tried some American Comic Books and have yet to really find one to read consistently, but thats just a personal thing. I also really like Abridged Series and am in a group planing to make one ourselves. Heheh Im also not all that good at spelling. A small list of anime and manga I like:

and others that are more common like Naruto(sometimes) and Bleach

Video Games I play quite a bit:

Other Games i play quite a bit

Music Artists
  • Eh.. dont like to list them cause I dont have a specific set of artists



Live Action Television/Western Animation

...Yeah Im a nerdy guy there are a lot more movies,anime,manga,books,tv series, and so on that I like but heh it would take a very long time to just list so I dont think that I will... so err Im new contributing so this page will probabbly be a bit broken...