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Tropers: Yamiidenryuu
Derp derp derp derp. ⊗_⊗ ಠ_ಠ

This is the blog where I post shizz, mostly Pokemon.

     Signature quotes for rotation 

No context, just quotes.

  • Reverse the jelly baby of the neutron flow.
  • No girl with an iota of sanity would transform into a god on her first date!
  • This can only mean it's SCIENCE TIME!
  • I am merely a hell of a deer.
  • So, the trickle-down theory proves we don't deserve to have pants in the first place!
  • And then Mr. Mime murdered Slouch's family. She committed a murder and is now a murderer.
  • Rule #3: It's okay to believe yourself better than the rest of the planet, as long as you keep it to yourself.
  • "It's the game's program! Messing with it could bug out the game!"
  • Scum: They may exceed you in number, but not in value.
  • Besides, what Tolkien character sports that Harry Potter eyewear?
  • So now people think that N is either Arceus's son or a Zoroark. I'm clearly too sober for this forum.
  • Do you need to be saved? No, I think I'm God.
  • No more Mr. Rice Guy.
  • There's a little bit of candies in all of us. This is actually a physical law of our universe.
  • Some people say that this isn't useful. We respond them that it is just so cooooool !
  • And those who can't teach... become theatre critics!
  • But that Attack stat... It's terrible...
  • And everyone who wasn't maimed lived happily ever after!
  • Remember the last book, kiddos? I saw senpai's boobies.





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