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Tropers: Uchuujinsan
Would like to contribute more, but I never remember any tropes that would fit at the moment I could write them. And I can't be funny if my life would depend on it, so it would be boring to read anyway. I remove wrong examples or unnecessary TakeThats most of the time.

My "Wall of Respect":
Lebrel - For well reasoned and informative posts.
They call me Tomu - For being self-critical, thoughtfull and relatively unbiased.
Nornagest - For the huge amount of knowledge and well thought out reasoning.

Because I'm bored, some self-troping:

FriendToAllHumanThings I feel responsible and sympathetic for all humans, including rapists, nazis, murderers and americans. In the case of animals, it's not as strong. Enough to be a vegetarian, not enough to refuse swatting mosquitos that try to bite me.
Blue and Orange Morality I sometimes get the feeling, my morals are a little crazy - don't know if it's true though.
BrilliantButLazy How could there be self-troping without that trope?
Self-Deprecation A little. *Points at this page*
Sliding Scale of Idealism vs. Cynicism My internet self is mostly on the cynical side.

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