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Seriously, Tsundere Lightning was a regular lurker before posting Level-Up at Intimacy 5, You Lose at Zero Trust, and Bliss Stage - because the concepts needed tropes badly, and in a successful attempt to get more people to play Bliss Stage. Seriously, that game needed some love.

In a story that can only happen on This Very Wiki, Ben Lehman liked the page so much that he tapped me for the official Video Game adaptation, a Visual Novel called Bliss Stage: Love Is Your Weapon. Promoted Fanboy much?

When I was your age, we played Tabletop Games face to face without the newfangled Intarwebs. And we liked it! Favorite games include Bliss Stage, 4th Ed Dungeons and Dragons, Spirit of the Century, and Dogs in the Vineyard.

Huge anime fan: favorites include Gurren Lagann (and its Anti-Spiral counterpart Neon Genesis Evangelion), Sailor Moon, Kare Kano, Precure5, and Gundam 0080 MS Team.

Ocasionally known as Bliss Authority, because of my recent promotion to semi-official Bliss Stage writer.

Also a video game fan, Visual Novels in particular (Persona3 counts in my book). I've written the second draft of a Visual Novel, Transformation Sequence, which is at the LemmaSoft forums. Used the Ren'Py Python-based editor to do so, which I cannot reccommend highly enough. Stop by Katawa Shoujo (YA RLY), Ori Ochi Onoe and Elven Relations on your way out.

Resedent of Treasure Island, San Francisco.