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Tort Taura is not a tart, nor a Taurus. She is a whining, Meganekko who tends to show traits of a Cloud Cuckoo Lander, and ranges from very aware and articulate to completley socially awkward and unintentionally bitchy... Depending on how nice her breakfast was... Also, she Hangs Lampshades everywhere, mostly to annoy her non-troper friends. Combine the above with being a short-tempered nerd with a (sometimes huge) You Suck factor, Tort is a walkin, talkin Dis Continuity. But hey, that's what happens when you leave the Brain Bleach at home and try to be an Expy of everything you admire. Tort resides in America and is on the less annnoying, less Squee-ing side of the Anime Fandom. She has converted a total of one friend into a Troper, and is an admitted TV Tropes addict. Tort usually just lurks around, and has only done minor actual troping (usually small edits or fixes to random pages).

Be warned: none of the following is in alphabetical order... for now

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