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Tropers: Thepandabetweenus
thepandabetweenus is a YaoiFangirl, a CosplayOtakuGirl, and is generally ThePollyanna whenever sad things happen to her. She tends to avert her happy-go-lucky outlook in her own fiction writing, however, touching on dark themes and occasionally NightmareFuel.

When she grows up, she would sort of like to be Felicia Day, Idina Menzel, or Terry Pratchett. Or, rather, have their careers. Not actually be them, because that would be weird. The point is that she likes singing, acting, and writing ridiculous fantasy-type things.

She is also a frequenter of the internet, where she does things like reading all sorts of comics, making super special awesome friends, finding out about new amazing things to read, watch, and generally get involved with the idea of, and watching Dexter because she doesn't want to pay for Showtime for the sake of one show.

She also hopes everyone has a wonderful day!

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