Tropers / Screennameless

Hey there. I enjoy creative writing, and consequently I spend a lot of time here for information about tropes, cliches, and storytelling patterns. I also love webcomics and Archive Binge and Archive Trawl with the best of them.

My main focus is Supernormal Step. When I found the page for it, the whole thing needed more love. It had a six-sentence paragraph description and six tropes for what had just become a 200-page comic. I added about 95% of the tropes you now see on Supernormal Step, wrote the new description, created its character page, and uploaded all the images (as of 2 December 2010).

My next Tv-Tropes-related goals are to put Supernormal Step examples on trope pages (not just tropes on the Supernormal Step page) and to expand the character page.

As of 25 Feb 2012, I have yet to achieve that goal (curse you, real life!), but I've also worked on the pages for: